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Flirting with Pretension

Ever Attempting to Balance Ambiton With Not Sounding Like an Amway Salesperson

The "business" end of my journal bio is in a 2025 post at the top of my journal. I talk about how I handle and view my friends list and filters. If you're looking for that, you'll want to go there.

Epically pretentious "rainbow chaser" would make a good bio these days. I'd write more, but I'm afraid my journal will explode in a fireball of poseur energy. I'm trying to "become a writer," I'm getting serious about it, and this journal is coming along for the ride, so depending on how the cast die lands, I will better be able to write a bio without being too presumptuous.

I'm a senior at SFSU in a Creative Writing major, managing editor of Transfer literary magazine, househusband to my roommates, and an attempting-to-get-published/paid writer. I teach ESL and developmental English study groups and do teaching assistance for my meager, Bohemians-think-I'm-kind-of-poor living.

I'm hoping to continue on into grad school, get some things published, maybe move up to getting paid for writing, and some day I hope to make a living at it. Fortunately I also reallylove teaching, because a guy's got to eat, and someone told me writing doesn't pay very well.

I spend too much time playing video games and watching shows on Hulu and not enough writing and reading. Pointing this out to myself is a major motif of my journal. It's not a month if I haven't kicked my ass at least a couple of times and invented some new regimen or schedule.