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If you're reading this...

If I've done this right I've got one of thoes 2035 posts that will end up always being at the top of my page.  This journal is friends only.  Comment to be added. 

Know that I really only add people with whom I've established an existing relationship either in person or online.  

If I just cut you, it was because you haven't posted or commented (or talked to me in person) in over a year, but if even so, this makes you sad, just comment and I will re-add you.

Trimming Your Friends List?

No no no no no NO NO NO hard feelings if you trim me from your friendslist. Pinkie swear.

Most of my writing time and energy is going into official paid blogging at Writing About Writing, (or some regular blogging I do for a couple of other blogs right now).  I even do personal updates and things there. What little juice I have left over is given to fiction. If I had all day to write, I might be able to put up more updates here, but I also work about 30-40 hours a week between househusband and teaching.

So it's rare that I think to write here, and really only if I've got something to say that is personal enough or SO unrelated to writing that I can't say it on the blog, and long enough that I can't put it on FB.

I know people see their FLs as pondorous things, ever in need of trimming (even though it seems to me that no signal or noise wouldn't be affecting much and the real things to be trimmed ought to be people who often update about things one has no interest in, but whatevs...), so I won't feel bad.

Well, I might if I sort of like you, but I will understand. Completely.

I will however, respectfully, also remove you back. It's not an "Oh well in THAT case...." move. I promise. It's just that there is actually starting to become a need for a division between my private and public writing life, and if people are going to opt out, I will always choose the smaller, more intimate group for my more private thoughts. I have strange followers from my blog who comment on everything I post, send me weird messages, or express an alarming curiosity about Lydia, Oliver, and Ian. The smaller my circle is where I share the really personal stuff, the better.

There are things in my life I might journal about that I wouldn't publically blog about but they tend to be feast or famine (and it's been pretty famine lately.)

So if you don't mind the silence, I won't trim you, but if you think on the day when you're cleaning up your friendslist "That guy hasn't posted in years," I won't blame you a bit.

Blog X-post

I reviewed Stephen King's On Writing.  (I also made the entry asking for feedback private, so you have to toddle over to the blog.)

A tiny cut

I trimmed a couple of names off my friendslist in my ever going effort to make my LJ a more "personal" and "non-public" space.  If I cut the name it is either someone I don't know who has not posted in a long time or someone I do know who hasn't posted in years--long enough that I think they've basically stopped messing with LJ.

In any case, if I cut you and you noticed and you're unhappy about that, just let me know and I'll re-add.  I'm not trying to get rid of anyone who wants to be here.

I made this public, but I'm going to set the default privacy back to friends in a day or two.


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